Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the district have to do to be accredited?

Answer: Just as schools have participated in the accreditation process by engaging in self-assessments to see how they measure up to a set of research-based quality standards, so must the district self -assess. The district will then gather evidence to support the status that was identified in the self-assessment whether proficient at a level four or needing improvement at a level 1. A team of peers will visit the district for three days to observe and examine our evidence to see if they agree with our assessment of ourselves. They will then give a status of accreditation and make recommendations for our continuous improvement.

2. How long does it take to complete the self- assessment?

Answer: The self-assessment is more than a checklist, and it is not intended for one individual or a small group to complete in a day. It is, instead, a process that is meant to engage the entire district staff and others who are stakeholders in the system. In many schools and districts the self-assessment process can take a semester, and sometimes a year, to complete.

3. Will schools have to do a self-assessment?

Answer:  Yes, each school will self-assess and the district will self assess.

4. What should a school or district do when the assessment reveals an area of concern?

Answer: The area of concern can be brought to the attention of staff and stakeholders and a proposal for improvement can be enacted at that time.

5. Who will the visiting team talk with when they visit for 3 days?

Answerr: The team will talk to someone from every stakeholder group. The team will interview your institution’s leadership, as well as administrators, teachers, parents, and other relevant community members.

6. Will the visiting team visit schools?

Answer: Yes, the team will be large enough to visit a large percentage if not all of the schools in the district?

7. Will schools have to produce a report for the team?

Answer: Yes, each school and the district will have to complete the self-assessment and provide evidence on-line. A narrative report will also be required to be available on-line.

8. How far in advance will the assessment need to be done?

Answer: Schools and the district may begin the assessment in February 2012 but it will not need to be submitted until 6 weeks before the visiting team comes to the district.

9. When is the team coming to MPS?

Answer: The team will visit during the week of May 5-9, 2013.