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The Finance Office of the Montgomery Public Schools is responsible for the sound management of the financial resources provided to the school system by local, state, federal and other entities. Our goal is to make effective and efficient use of those resources, while supporting the mission of the school system ("All schools will be safe and caring communities where teachers teach and all students learn at higher levels.").

The functions of the Finance Office and its departments include the following: budgeting, employee benefits, general accounting, accounts payable and receivable, investments, local school accounting, auditing, federal programs accounting, purchasing, bids, and payroll.

In accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Code of Alabama 1975, Section 16-6B-7, the Montgomery County Board of Education’s Accountability Reports for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 are available for the public's review.  The Accountability Reports consist of the following:

  • Financial reports
  • School safety and discipline reports (SIR)

The reports are located on the Montgomery Public Schools website under the Finance Department.  You may access the reports at the following link:

You may contact our offices @ (334) 223-6794 for any additional information.

Links of Interest

  • Health Insurance & FSA's (Flexible Spending Accounts) / PEEHIP
  • RSA-1 - (Deferred Compensation Plan)
  • State Department of Education

    Annual Reports

    Accounting Manual

    Arthur Watts 
    Chief School Financial Officer Email Arthur Watts
    Pamela Watkins 334-223-6795
     Finance Accounting Supervisor Email Pamela Watkins
    Ricardo Randle 
    (334) 223-6875
    Local School Accounting Department - Supervisor Email Ricardo Randle
    Ronald Olszewski  (334) 223-6790
     Accounts Payable - Supervisor Email Ronald Olszewski
    Daniel Stallworth
    (334) 223-6723
    Payroll Department - Supervisor Email Daniel Stallworth
    Marvin Rudolph
    (334) 223-6800
    Purchasing/Risk Mgmt Department - Supervisor Email Marvin Rudolph