How to Enroll

To register in a Montgomery Public School, parents or legal guardians must provide the following:

1. A valid Alabama Immunization Certificate (any exception should be noted on paperwork from the Health Department).

2. A valid Birth Certificate (original for Kindergarten).

3. Two documents that reflect a student’s physical residence. Must submit at least one primary proof.

Primary Proof of Residence:

  • Utility bill (electric or gas) must be current. Within 30 days.
  • Apartment or Home Lease/Mortgage

a. Apartment/Home lease – Office document – only to be used if all utilities are included.

  b. Monthly Mortgage statements – must be current – within 30 days.

Secondary Proofs:

  •  Property Tax Records or Deeds
  •  Income Tax Records – Copy of check from the IRS, Correspondence from IRS 
  • Social Security Checks or other correspondence from Social Security Office. 
  • Correspondence from other U.S. Government agencies (DHR, Food Stamp Office) 
  • Employment Records

 4. Legal custody/guardianship paperwork issued from a Court if enrolling persons who is not their biological child as indicated by the birth certificate.

5. A government or state agency document can be used to verify legal residence if parent/guardian does not have utility and/or lease in their name (i.e. social security administration, local government agency). 

6. A valid form of identification issued from the State of Alabama (may use military ID). 

To enter Kindergarten a child must be 5 years-old on or before September 2. 

To enter First Grade a child must be 6 years-old on or before December 31. (New Law)

Students are assigned to schools based on their home address. Parents should register their child at their zoned school. Any questions about registration should be directed to the MPS Student Support Services office by calling 334.223.6850.