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Child Advocacy Day
JD, Park Crossing, LAMP students in spotlight in rally at Capitol
Posted on 04/03/2019
JD Band

High school students took center stage at the Child Advocacy Day Rally on the lawn of the Alabama State Capitol.


The Jeff Davis High band and the Park Crossing High choir served as  the entertainment for the large crowd gathered at the rally held by VOICES for Alabama’s Children. The JD band played several selections at the beginning of the rally, and the Park Crossing choir performed several songs, including the National Anthem.


The rally featured several speakers, including LAMP High student Avanthi Hettiaratchi. The program also featured two other Alabama high school students as well as officials such as Gov. Kay Ivey and Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.


After delivering her remarks, Ivey took time to visit with the JD band along with Band Director Brandon Howard, State School Superintendent Eric Mackey, and Montgomery County School Superintendent Ann Roy Moore.