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Dr. Lesa Keith


District 1 
Phone: (334) 546-0693

Term Ends 11/30/2022

Schools in District 1: Dalraida Elementary, Garrett Elementary, Morningview Elementary, Capitol Heights Middle, Children's Center

For the past 32 years Dr. Lesa Keith has devoted her time to educating our children. She understands the commitment it takes to prepare children for the future. Dedication and determination are two words that describe Dr. Keith.

“As I was growing up, two sayings became guidelines for my life; ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way,’ and ‘the road to Hades is paved with good intentions; show me don’t tell me!”

Dr. Keith earned a Bachelor of Arts in secondary English from Auburn and furthered her education between main campus and AUM to obtain a masters in psychology and a Ph.D. in educational psychology.

Dr. Keith had 30 years of service with MPS – most of her time teaching at Robert E. Lee. She taught Psychology at Huntingdon College and is currently teaching adjunct classes and serves as the academic success coordinator for at-risk students at South University. Her philosophy for education has always been to accept students as they come, and mold them into better individuals based on their strengths.

Known to many past students as “Mom”, Dr. Keith has taken them into her home over the past 32 years and has been an integral part of their lives as they transition into adulthood. She makes every effort to empower a sense of independence, integrity and pride in her students. As a teen, Dr. Keith tutored students with dyslexia and ADDHD, and believes the only limits one has is the limits that one places on themselves.

“I ran solely to stand up for the students, teachers and parents to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of Montgomery’s children. Ensuring accountability, integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of our education system and the key to successful schools.”

Dr. Keith pledges to use every available resource to ensure students and teachers are not subject to bullying or retaliation. She also feels very strongly that every class should have qualified, engaging teachers that interact and challenge their students to be their best. She is also committed to be available to the parents, students, staff, and the community.

“I promise to my family, students, parents, teachers, administrators and fellow board members is that I will work my hardest to communicate and to listen to your plans and desires. I will always be honest and will put the student’s education and best interest first. I will work hard to return every call I receive within 24 hours. I will do everything in my power to put the needs of those associated with education on the front burner. Moreover, I will strive to be instrumental in preparing every child to be better equipped for the challenges that lie beyond their graduation from MPS.”

Dr. Keith opened her own real estate company and currently serves as the broker of Tri- County Homes in Montgomery, Alabama. She is married to Al Keith, co-owner of MYA, Inc. and has three adult children, Hunter, Kelsea, and Griff.