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Employees of the Month
MPS names Employees of the Month
Posted on 10/09/2017
Employees of the Month

Schools thrive when the people who work there are passionate and dedicated, putting in the extra hours and inspiring students.

The Montgomery County Board of Education recently recognized two examples of this spirit, Sandra Ware of E.D. Nixon Elementary and Darryl Robinson of Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technologies. They are the Montgomery Public Schools Employees of the Month for April.

Ware has been teaching in MPS for more than 30 years and continues to have a positive impact on students daily. he is well-known for her musical talent and passion, which leads to invitations for the E.D. Nixon choir to perform at events around the city. She recently was recognized by Mayor Todd Strange as an Unsung Hero of the city.

Over the last four years, Ware has not only directed the student choir but also an adult choir of faculty, staff and parents of the school. Principal Dana Williams-Gant describes Ware as a “priceless jewel.”

“She is a dedicated education professional whose love of music drives her passion to develop the next musician,” Williams-Gant said.

Robinson has been with MPS for 22 years and currently works as a custodian at MPACT.

He goes above and beyond by opening early, attending after-school parent meetings, spending time at the school on the weekends and anything else he can do to improve the quality of the school environment. He is friendly and welcoming to students, staff and visitors. In fact, he is on a first-name basis with students and greets them at the bus drop each day.

Principal Marsha Baugh said Robinson is appreciated and cherished by the MPACT family.

“We feel privileged to work with him each and every day,” Baugh said.

Ware and Robinson each received a $25 gift card provided by Baptist Health.