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Arts Education

The goal of Alabama's K-12 Arts Education program is to inspire and engage life-long learners. Encompassing the disciplines of dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts, the Arts in Education program provides opportunities for students to explore the artistic processes of these disciplines while making connections to all subject areas. 

 Montgomery Public Schools provides opportunities for all K-12 students to explore the arts. Additionally, teachers follow the Alabama Course of Study: Arts Education framework for specific content standards in each of the five arts disciplines. These standards are minimum and required (Code of Alabama, 1975, §16-35-4).  

Daily instruction with certified specialists in each of the Arts disciplines is the most desirable schedule.  However, not all schools are able to provide daily Arts instruction by a certified Arts specialist.

Elementary Schools- Grades 1 through 3 ​are encouraged to ​offer at a minimum two 30- to 45-minute arts instruction sessions per week and in Grades 4 through 6 a minimum of 60 minutes of instruction per week. 

Middle and High Schools- A certified Arts specialist provides instruction in specific Arts disciplines such as dance, music, theatre, or visual arts as electives.  These electives will vary from school to school.  Please contact the school to determine specific offerings.