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Frequently Asked Questions

•  Communication Frequently Asked Questions  (16 Questions)

1.  Can I get assistance to buy my children’s uniforms?

If you need assistance in obtaining uniforms, please contact our Student Services Office at 334-223-6850.

2.  Can I go ahead and fill out an application for the magnet program for the next school term?

Magnet school applications are only available during the application period. Please see the Magnet Section or call 334-223-6830 for more information.

3.  Can you tell me about the ranking of your schools?

We do not “rank” our schools. The state Department of Education issues report cards for every school with a variety of information including student performance. You can find those report cards by clicking on the ALSDE Logo next to each school’s name in the Schools Section.

4.  Can you tell me who my board member is?

Board districts are set by geographical boundaries. If you have a child in school you can look at the list with each board members name in the Board Section or contact the Communication Office at 334-223-6761.

5.  Do all principals work during the summer months?

All principals are year-round employees, but they do take time off in the summer for vacation and to attend workshops. You should call the school you want to visit during the summer to make sure the principal is available.

6.  Do you have a special program for kids that work above their grade level?

Yes. You can visit the Gifted Education section under Special Education, or call 334-269-3808 for more information.

7.  How do I let the bus services know my child needs to ride the bus?

Your child’s school should be able to help you identify the bus your child will ride, or you can call the Transportation Department at 334-284-2085.

8.  How much are school lunches?

All MPS students can receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.

9.  I have a child that needs to be tested. Who can help me with that?

Please contact the counselor at your child’s school to arrange for testing.

10.  I have some old computers that I would like to donate to the school system. Who handles that?

Please call 334-269-3830 to make arrangements for the donation.

11.  If I want to eat lunch with my child, who should I ask?

Calling in advance is a good idea, but you are welcome to visit your child’s school anytime. In order to maintain a safe campus and to minimize disruptions, you must go to the office and sign-in. If you wish to have lunch with your child, simply go to the office about 10 minutes prior to his or her scheduled time to eat and sign-in. School personnel will make sure you get to the cafeteria.

12.  What are your office hours?

Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. till 4:30 p.m., except holidays. 

13.  What is a weather day?

We often build one day into our calendar to use as a make-up day if we have to close school due to inclement weather. If we do not have to close school unexpectedly due to bad weather, or if the day does not need to be made up, we use the weather day as a school holiday.

14.  What is the earliest I can drop my child off and the latest that I can pick my child up from school?

The start and dismissal times vary from school to school. Please check with the front office of your child’s school.

15.  What is the student-teacher ratio?

It varies from school to school, grade level, and even by class. We work to follow the state guidelines for class sizes. Some classes may vary in size because of the demand for that class or due to the number of students in a school.

16.  Where are you located?

The MPS Central Office is 307 South Decatur Street. South Decatur is a one-way street that runs south and crosses the main streets of Madison and Dexter Avenues. Parking and the main entrance to the office are behind the building. Please bring a photo ID for admission to the Central Office.