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Technology Support

Mission Statement

The mission of Technology Support Services is to help provide an environment in which students can develop the skills necessary to succeed in a technologically competitive world.

Vision Statement

Implementing and supporting 21st Century technology to students for life in an ever-changing global society.

Areas of Responsibility

The Department of Technology provides technical assistance to schools and central office locations while maintaining hardware, software and systems such as Student Information, Finance, Human Resources, network IDs, E-mail, LANs & WAN, Internet access, VOIP, Mobile Phones, Interactive Panels, computers and peripherals.

Our department is also devoted to furthering education through means of technology. Our goal is to train admin, faculty, staff and students how to use technology. Technology can be used in the office, classroom, and meetings. We provide training through means of computer labs, hands on training and distance and virtual learning.

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The Help Desk provides a central location for our employees who are seeking information and a timely resolution to technical problems. Contact us @ (334) 223-6810

Toni Patterson Email Toni Patterson
Director of Technology
Solomon Raife
Email Solomon Raife 
Senior Network Administrator
Ann M Medina
Email Ann Medina 
Senior Systems Analyst
Carl Johnson
Email Carl Johnson
Senior Computer Technician
 Randy Jackson Email Randy Jackson
Senior Systems Administrator
Max Chattam
Email Max Chattam 
Computer/Telephone Technician (334) 223-6810
ReAnne Cox
Email Re Anne Cox 
Systems Analyst (334) 223-6810
Network Administrator (334) 223-6810
Devonta Johnson Email Devonta Johnson 
Network Administrator  (334) 223-6810
E. Renee Riddlespriger Email E. Renee Riddlespriger
Help Desk (334) 223-6810
Sydney Sneed Email Sydney Sneed
Technology Trainer/Integrator
(334) 223-6810
Wally Odutola 
Email Wally Odutola
Systems Administrator (334) 223-6810
LaShondra Preston 
Email Lashondra Preston
Systems Analyst (334) 223-6810
Eddie Jernigan
Email Eddie Jernigan 
Computer Technician (334) 223-6810
Walter Roboinson Email Walter Robinson 
Computer Technician  (334) 223-6810
Julio Nunez Email Julio Nunez 
Computer Technician  (334) 223-6810
Christopher Woods
Email Christopher Woods 
Computer Technician (Title I) (334) 223-6810
Stephen Walker Email Stephen Walker 
Technology Trainer/Integrator (334) 223-6810
Wally Odutola
Email Wally Odutola
Computer Technician (334) 223-6810
Jeremy Osborne
Email Jeremy Osborne 
Computer Technician (334) 223-6810
Help Desk (334) 223-6810
Lindsey Shaw  Email Lindsey Shaw
Computer Technician (334) 223-6810
Dawn M Stephan
Email Dawn Stephan 
Systems Administrator (334) 223-6810
Charlie Bailey Email Charlie Bailey 
Computer Technician (334) 223-6810
Help Desk
Email Help Desk
  (334) 223-6810