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STI Home

STI HOME IS BACK. However, you will need a new user name and password to access your child's information. You must go to your child's school and show a state-issued photo ID to receive this information.

STI - Home is a program that allows parents to review information related to grades, attendance, homework assignments, discipline records and other student data from the current year. In order to access records, a student must be enrolled in MPS, and the parent must sign up at the school to be given a personal identification number. Step-by-step instructions are available when you get your child's PIN.

Please note that some homework assignments that may be given during class, and were not part of the original lesson plan, may not be visible. It is also possible that a teacher is moving more or less quickly than planned, and some adjustments may be needed.

Teachers work hard to keep their grades current, however, results from tests or large projects may not be posted immediately, especially in middle and high schools. Many secondary teachers have 150 or more students, and it may take a few days to grade the material and post the results.

Once you have your user name and password, click here to sign in!