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Student Support Services

321 Early Street

Montgomery, AL 36104

Mission Statement

The Student Support Services Office (SSSO) is an integral part of TEAM MPS and our mission is to provide support and assistance to students, parents, community, and school district staff.

Vision Statement

Student Support Services Office along with parents, school leaders, teachers, citizens, and the community will work as a team to graduate each student that passes through the doors of Montgomery Public Schools.


The goals of SSSO are to:

  • Support students
  • Support schools in assisting with student attendance.
  • Support schools in assisting with maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment on all campuses.
  • Supporting families by assisting with providing links to community agencies.
  • Work as a collaborative unit to graduate each student that passes through the doors of MPS.


Sophia L Johnson 334.223.6850 Extn: 70704
Student Support Services Director Email Sophia Johnson
Yolanda Gracie 334.223.6850 Extn: 70718
Education Specialist Email Yolanda Gracie
Nicole Dallaway 334.223.6850 Extn: 70738
Hearing Officer Email Nicole Dallaway
Kellie Summerlin 334.223.6850 Extn: 70712
Education Specialist Email Kellie Summerlin
Emily Walker 334.223.6850 Extn: 70243
Education Specialist Email Emily Walker
Jana Lankford 334.223.6850 Extn: 70707
Systems Analyst for Student Support Email Jana Lankford
Adrienne Fowler 334.223.6850 Extn: 70704
Administrative Assistant Email Adrienne Fowler
Angelica Hicks 334.223.6850 Extn: 70272
District Resource Officer Email Angelica Hicks
DeVeeta Hines 334.223.6850 Extn: 70717
District Resource Officer Email DeVeeta Hines
Oronde Mitchell 334.223.6850 Extn: 70802
District Resource Officer Email Oronde Mitchell