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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where can I check my child’s attendance?

    Answer:  The parent portal has all information pertaining to your child.  Please obtain your password from your child’s school.


  2. May I appeal an unexcused absence?

    Answer:  Yes.  Please refer to the Student Conduct Manuel.


  3. Who do I contact if I want to inquire about a Section 504 plan for my child?

    Answer:  Each school in MPS has a Section 504 Coordinator.  Please contact the school Section 504 Coordinator.  The District also has a District Section 504 Coordinator.  That person is Sophia L. Johnson, Director of Student Support Services. The number for the District Section 504 Coordinator is 334-223-6850.


  4. May I appeal an out of school suspension?

    Answer:  Yes.  Please refer to the Student Conduct Manuel.


  5. Can my high school student audition and participate in extracurricular activities at another high school?

Answer:  No.  While extracurricular activities do not fall under the AHSAA, the same rules apply.  This is a MPS District Procedure.