Student Social Services


The mission of the Student Social Services Department is to promote the academic, social, emotional, and physical growth of students in a healthy, supportive environment.


Behavior Support Services
Bullying Prevention
Behavior Intervention Center 
School Health Services
School Social Work Services
School-Based Mental Health Services
School-Based Psychiatric Services

The Student Social Services team seeks to identify and remove barriers that impact student learning.  Staff members help students by conducting assessments, providing counseling, developing interventions, and linking students to school and community resources.  Equally important, the Student Social Services Team works collaboratively with school and district staff to provide direct support to students and families.

 Staff Contact Information
Associate Superintendent of Student Services 334-223-6851
Dr. Catherliene Williamson Email Dr. Williamson
Behavior Support Services 334-223-6851
Cherrie Walker, Behavior Interventionist Email Cherrie Walker
Denise Whittle, Behavior Interventionist Email Denise Whittle
Jenny Underwood, Behavior Analyst Email Jenny Underwood
Jacquelyn Farasat, Behavior Support Coach Email Jacquelyn Farasat
Tim Baker, Bullying Prevention Coordinator Email Tim Baker
Behavior Intervention Center 334-223-6851
Danielle Hogan, Coordinator Email Behavior Intervention Center
School Health Services 334-293-6531
Dorothy Rogers, Coordinator Email Dorothy Rogers

Social Work Services 334-223-6851
Natasha A. Sippial, Coordinator Email Natasha Sippial
Jodie Battison  Email Jodie Battison
Margaret Davenport  Email Margaret Davenport
Sakia Dixon  Email Sakia Dixon
Sarah Pair  Email Sarah Pair