Student Social Services

Research confirms that students identified as being "at-risk", are less likely to receive a high school diploma.  At-Risk grant funding allows MPS to provide services to students who are experiencing issues that impact their school success.   At-risk students are usually low academic achievers who exhibit poor self-esteem and inadequate social skills.  Factors that may contribute to students becoming at-risk include:

  • Behavioral difficulties/discipline issues
  • Drug addictions
  • Low socioeconomic status
  • Lack of structure at home
  • Lack of educational expectations
  • Medical/emotional/mental health issues
  • Pregnancy/parenthood
  • Poor attendance/truancy
  • Student disengagement/disconnection from school

Support of at-risk students is provided through teachers, social workers, behavior interventionists, school nurses, district resource officers, and behavior analysis services.  These professionals work with students, families, and school personnel to assist in identifying and removing barriers that may prevent students from being successful in the academic setting.