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Mission Statement

The mission of Montgomery Public Schools Logistics Department is to ensure that all schools and administrative offices exhibit a clean and inviting learning and working environment to assist in engaging, educating, and inspiring our students to succeed in college, career, and beyond!

Vision Statement

The Logistics Department will provide the logistical support necessary to create an environment where every student develops a love of learning, cultivates intellectual curiosity and dreams of a future full of amazing possibilities.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Central receiving or warehouse storage
  • Surplus Property Disposal
  • Moving Services
  • Special events set up
  • Textbook
    • Ordering and Delivery
    • Inventory
  • Mail Services
    • Routes
    • Procedures
  • Custodial Services
    • Training
    • Supply ordering and delivery
    • Building Quality Assurance Evaluations (QAE)
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Printed Material Forms
  • Fixed Asset Management and Inventory

Key Personnel

Dr. Darold S. Boswell, Ph.D.
Director of Logistics

(334) 269-3041
Derrick Harvey
Lead Zone Coordinator
(334) 269-3041
Lisa Myles
(334) 269-3041
Lee Walker
Mail Room
(334) 269-3041
Reggie Calhoun
Warehouse Manager
(334) 269-3041
Lisa Brown
Printed Material
(334) 269-3041
Rose Chapman
Central Receiving
(334) 269-3041