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Professional Development

Professional Learning and Development Department

Phone Number (334) 269-3776/Fax Number (334) 269-3993

Vision Statement

Empowering Educators for Student Success!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide guidance and support to stakeholders as they engage, educate, and inspire our students to succeed in college, career, and beyond.


Belief Statement

Montgomery Public Schools Professional Development Office is committed to ensuring continuous growth and development opportunities for all staff--certificated and support, district and school level. It is our belief that quality, targeted and job-embedded adult learning opportunities can improve performance and subsequently enhance learning opportunities for all students.

Focus Statements:

Professional development that improves the learning of all students:

· prepares educators to understand and appreciate all students, create safe, orderly and supportive learning environments and hold high expectations for their academic achievement;

· prepares educators to participate in a variety of learning strategies; to use technology to support learning goals; to collaborate; and to implement a variety of follow-up activities following each new initiative;

· provides educators with knowledge and skills to involve families and other stakeholders appropriately.

Debbie Cook, Ed.D.
(334)269-3776  Extn: 70202
Director, Professional Development  Email Debbie Cook, Ed.D.

 LaKiska Stokes (334)269-3776  Extn: 70115
 Professional Development Instructor  Email LaKiska Stokes
 Shanetha Patterson  (334)269-3776  Extn: 70107
 Professional Development Instructor  Email
Judith Ritchey
(334)269-3776  Extn: 70113
Administrative Secretary  Email Judith Ritchey