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Special Education

The Montgomery Public Schools Department of Special Education located at 1153 S Lawrence St, Montgomery, AL provides educational services to more than 3,200 students throughout the district. The system has special education teachers, paraprofessionals, speech pathologists and related service personnel which provide instruction and related services to students who have a disability. Students are eligible for special education services from the age of 3 through 21.

1153 S Lawrence St, Montgomery, AL  36104

Katrina Jackson
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74003
Director, Department of Special Education Email Katrina Jackson
Vickie Harvey
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74003
Director's Secretary Email Vickie Harvey
Tracillia July
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74083
Educational Specialist Email Tracillia July
Aris Shanks
(334) 269-3808 Extn: 74004
Educational Specialist Email Aris Shanks
Sheila Brock
(334) 269-3808 Extn: 74012
Zone Coordinator for Jefferson Davis Senior High School Zone Email Sheila Brock
Bertha Crowell
334-269-3808  Extn: 74016
Zone Coordinator for Park Crossing Senior High School Zone Email Bertha Crowell
 Deana Fuller  (334) 269-3808 Extn:  74031
 Zone Coordinator for Lee High School Zone Email Deana Fuller
Jacqueline C Davis
(334) 269-3808 Extn: 74017
Coordinator of Gifted Education Email Jacqueline C Davis
Jessica Mann
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74018
Transition Coordinator Email Jessica Mann
Michelle Peterson
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74026
Behavior Specialist for Carver Senior High School  Email Michelle Peterson
Herbert Sharpe
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74030
Behavior Specialist for Lee High School Zone Email Herbert Sharpe
 Kristen Harris (334) 269-3803 Extn:  74067
 Behavior Specialist for Jeff Davis Senior High School Zone  Email Kristen Harris 
 Valerie Johnson (334) 269-3808 Extn:  74068
 Behavior Specialist for Park Crossing Senior High School Zone Email Valerie Johnson
Michael Losik
334-269-3808  Extn: 74046
Compliance Officer Email Michael Losik
Jennifer Morris
(334) 269-3808 Extn: 74080
Compliance Officer Email Jennifer Morris
Cecilia Sanders
(334) 269-3808 Extn:74069
Assistive Technology Coordinator Email Cecilia Lawrence
Christina Gluschick (334)269-3808 Extn:74032
 Assistive Technology Coordinator  Email Christina Gluschick
Quebe Bradford
(334)269-380 Extn: 74029
Student Achievement Coordinator Email Quebe Bradford
Tamika Lawrence
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74039
Student Achievement Coordinator Email Tamika Lawrence
 Jessica Parker  (334) 269-3808 Extn: 74067
 Social Worker  Email Jessica Parker
Sharron Tomlinson
(334) 269-3808  Extn: 74013
Preschool Facilitator Email Sharron Tomlinson
Twyla Brown
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74005
Technology Information Email Twyla Brown
Kathryn Gordon
(334)269-3808  Extn: 74002
Bookkeeper Email Kathryn Gordon