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Accountability Report

Montgomery Public Schools complies with legal requirements to provide documentation in the areas of finance, student achievement, and school safety and discipline.  You will find links to a variety of documents below to meet those requirements along with contact information to reach the departments responsible for each area.


The required financial exhibits have been made available to the public.  These reports can be found on this website by choosing Departments/Finance/Documents from the menu above, or by clicking here

* Financial Exhibits A-I-I through A-I-VIII, Funding Reports by Fund Source

* Financial Exhibits A-II-I through A-II-VIII, Funding Reports by Cost Center

* Financial Exhibits A-III-I through A-III-VIII, Funding Reports by Program

Student Achievement

The Student Achievement data can be found at the ALSDE Website,, under the Data Center, Assessment Reports.  This data has been disaggregated and is available in several different reports.  If questions exist, please contact Ms. Vicky Holloway, assessment and accountability director at 334-261-2141; or Mr. Bernard Mitchell, chief academic officer, at 334-223-6830.

School Safety and Discipline

The School Safety and Discipline Report, which is the same as the Student Incident Report (SIR), is available for review by clicking here.  If you have questions, please contact Dr. Catherliene Williamson at 334-223-6851.